You won’t believe 20 minutes of exercise can cure these diseases!

If you can spend only 20 minutes of exercise in your daily life for your body, it will benefit you

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20 March 2023 14:51 PM, ✍️ UPDATED: 3 months ago

20 March 2023 14:51 PM

If you can spend only 20 minutes of exercise in your daily life for your body, it will benefit you in many ways. By exercising for 20 minutes, the body can be protected from various diseases. What kind of exercises can be done in a short time?

Exercise can be divided into two main types, energy increasing and energy decreasing. If you focus only on running and jumping without paying attention to breathing and body movements, it increases fatigue and reduces body energy.

Along with exercise, paying attention to the speed of breathing and exercising according to the needs of the body increases energy. Both these types of exercise can be adopted according to the needs of the body.

What exercise to do in a short period of time?

In 20 minutes of daily exercise, 10 minutes should be given to the body and 10 minutes to the breath. Physical exercise can be done by running, playing, dancing, Zumba or yoga to move all muscles. And it is advisable to do Pranayama for 10 minutes.

Don’t think of exercising to sweat for 20 minutes. Exercises such as stretching, bending, jumping, sitting, and lying down should be done. Similarly, Suryanamaskar, Tadasana, Chakrasana, Dhanurasana, Gomukh Asana, Naukasana and Laukasana can be done by giving two minutes each according to the age ability. No muscle should be missed while doing these exercises, it will benefit all parts of the body.

Benefits of reaching the body

Regular exercise makes the body lighter. It creates refreshment in the body to work and walk. Regular exercise helps to have a positive effect on the heart, lungs and brain, remove body disorders, regulate and smooth the blood circulation, make the muscles flexible and strong, and activate every organ.

Freedom from disease

Exercise is very beneficial for stomach problems, diabetes, fat problems, heart disease, lung, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, thyroid etc. Pranayama and exercise done according to the needs of the body can control chronic diseases as well as get rid of mental diseases. However, in the case of weakness, weakness, after a heart attack, subtle exercises can be done under the supervision and advice of a doctor.

Best time to exercise

The best time for exercise is when sunrise is the time to wake up and do your daily routine with a light body, empty stomach, fresh air and calm environment to do yoga and exercise.

Exercise for the elderly and the sick

Elderly and infirm patients can do Surya Namaskar and subtle exercises. Even if it is done at a slow pace, it is better to take a rest after getting tired and do the exercise without straining.

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