Bhagya Lakshmi Written Update march 21 2023, Proposal

Bhagya Lakshmi’s Written Update Proposal for March 21, 2023 Lakshmi is cared for by Rishi. With tenderness, he gives her

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20 March 2023 16:58 PM, ✍️ UPDATED: 3 months ago

20 March 2023 16:58 PM

Bhagya Lakshmi’s Written Update Proposal for March 21, 2023 Lakshmi is cared for by Rishi. With tenderness, he gives her something to eat. Shalu is tasked by Ayush to examine Rishi and Lakshmi’s romance. He claims that nobody can separate them since they were meant to be together. Shalu wishes for success.

Bhagya Lakshmi Written Update

Ayush asks Rishi to stay with Lakshmi, while he goes to finish the discharge papers. Ayush sees the physician. Lakshmi is now OK, the doctor assures him, but there is something he must share with her family about her illness. He promises to discuss the situation with Lakshmi’s family member Ayush. Ayush becomes interested in learning more.

Lakshmi is brought to Oberoi’s home by Rishi. Neelam and Karishma send a matchmaker right away to expedite their quest for Lakshmi’s alliance. They don’t want to give Lakshmi a chance, so she stays in the house permanently. Karishma requests that Lakshmi review the profiles. She claims the matchmaker has received a lot of profiles and is confident Lakshmi will find one she likes.

Meet Kiran and Malishka with Neelam. In order to set a date for Rishi and Malishka’s wedding, she claims to have phoned the pandit’s residence. Thank you, Kiran. Malishka feels pleased that her desire is coming true and that it is actually taking place. Lakshmi overlooks Rishi’s suggestion. She just recalls the mishap.

Rishi finds out that Lakshmi’s brief memory loss is the reason she didn’t respond to his proposal. Lakshmi lost certain bits of her memory, the doctor has verified, according to Ayush. Lakshmi receives a visit from Rishi, who informs her that he has fallen in love. He claims he wants to declare his love. He declares to Lakshmi his complete and utter love for her. The confession from Lakshmi astounded Lakshmi. She is tasked for responding to Rishi. He expresses his eagerness to learn her response. What would Lakshmi say in response to Rishi’s declaration of love? Get on reading.

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