Birendranagar Protest after a woman died in a bus collision

After the death of a woman due to a bus collision in Birendranagar, her relatives have been protesting since Monday

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13 February 2023 06:26 AM, ✍️ UPDATED: 4 months ago

13 February 2023 06:26 AM

After the death of a woman due to a bus collision in Birendranagar, her relatives have been protesting since Monday morning.

The relatives of the protestors, demanding proper compensation and action against the driver, closed the market in the provincial capital Birendranagar.

Birendranagar Protest

The protestors have blocked the road by burning tires in the main squares of Birendranagar, Yrichok, Mangalgadhi Chowk, Airport Chowk, and Bus Park.

Vehicles plying in the provincial capital Birendranagar have come to a standstill due to the agitation. Apart from a few motorcycles, other vehicles have not been able to run.

66-year-old Nadi Rawat of Chedagad-6 of Jajarkot died in a bus accident on Sunday afternoon at Birendranagar Bus Park.

Rawat was not currently living in Bamekhola of Birendranagar-10. She was hit by a bus numbered Ba 4 Kha 8061.

But the police did not identify the deceased and sent him to the provincial hospital in Kalagaon. The hospital declared him dead.

DSP Laxman Shahi of the District Police Office Surkhet said that the bus coming from Bulubule Chowk to the bus park hit Rawat while he was walking through the zebra crossing.

Regarding the same incident, the relatives were protesting till 10 o’clock on Sunday night by burning tires at Bus Park, Mangalgarhi Chowk, and other places.

They started protesting again on Monday morning. They are angry that the body was picked up without asking the relatives.

There have been clashes between the protestors and the police. In addition, those involved in the transport business have gone up against the agitators.

Some people including journalists were injured during the clashes.

According to DSP Shahi, the bus driver is absconding and the bus has been taken into custody. He said that the search for the absconding bus driver is underway.

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