Guras start blooming in the Pathibhara area

Gurans have started blooming in the Pathibhara area of ​​Taplejung. In the barren areas of the hilly districts, gurans have

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17 February 2023 10:45 AM, ✍️ UPDATED: 4 months ago

17 February 2023 10:45 AM

Gurans have started blooming in the Pathibhara area of ​​Taplejung. In the barren areas of the hilly districts, gurans have started blooming from the second week of January.

One can find gurans blooming around Suketar Airport, which is located at an altitude of 3000 meters above sea level. In the hilly areas, the forest becomes pale as the gourd begins to bloom. Local businessmen are hoping that the tourism business will flourish with the flowering of gurans.

Yuvraj Khadka, who runs a hotel near Pathibharadevi, is similarly hopeful. He has been earning a good amount of money during the season of Gurans. He said that when the guras start blooming, the business becomes more. Tourists come here by car to have fun with Gurans. We are excited to serve them”, he said. There are a lot of tourists here on New Year’s Day. He said, ‘We started the hotel after the number of tourists increased here due to the glory of Gurans. I keep looking at the flowers blooming all over the hill, they look very charming.’

In the tourist area, there are a lot of people who hang out in Gurans. In the Himalayan and hilly areas, Dhakmak Guras blooms. Guras blooms from January to June. Many songs, ghazals, and poems have been written in the image of Gurans. Pictures of Gurans standing side by side, Gurans placed in palms, and ears sewn into their ears have started appearing on social media. There are many people enjoying and walking in Gurans garden. Those seen in the photo are very happy to see the Gurans in person. Gurans leaves, bark, and flowers are used as medicine for humans and domestic animals. It is also useful for making pickles, sarvat, and liquor.

From the second week of February, the path leading to the Pathibhara temple is decorated with different types of Laligunras flowers. After getting lost in the car for a very long time, the pilgrims get a kind of energy when they get off the car and welcome the lovely national flower, the Laliguras flower.

Laliguras make the forests of the Pathibhara region colorful. Laliguras have started blooming in this area since January. Due to the effect of weather change, the local people say that the guras started blooming early this year. After the blossoming of Laliguras, the pilgrims who come for Pathibhara darshan are enticed. According to the Pathibhara Area Development Committee, the number of pilgrims is increasing after the flowering of Dhakmak Guras on the path leading to Pathibhara. The number of pilgrims is increasing now as the sight of blooming Laliguras enthralls and delights everyone and they can have darshan of Pathibhara Devi at the same time.

Manmani Kafle , Executive Director of Pathibhara Area Development Committee, said that with the natural beauty, the flowering season of various species of gurans has started. According to Pathibhara Region Development Committee, only 26 species are found in Pathibhara region out of 32 species of deer found in Nepal . The habitat of Red Panda, a rare wild animal in the world , is located in the Pathibhara region. Wild animals and birds such as black bear, deer, ghoral as well as thorny vyakur, Kalij, the national bird of Nepal, and other wild animals and birds are found only in Nepal.

With the financial support of the Ministry of Tourism , the Pathibhara area has also been declared as a Gurans Park , so work is being done to protect the Gurans. In this area there are birds of Sunpati, Red Chimal, Chiafule Gurans, Blue Chimal, Yellow Chimal, Jungge Chimal, Small Chimal, Lehere Chimal species.

Similarly, Corling, Chimal, Theki Jhar, species of Gurans are also found. In this area there are species like Patle Corling, White Chimal, Pink Corling .

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