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Kumkum Bhagya Written Update for 20th March 2023

Written Update for March 20, 2023, from Kumkum Bhagya Theme party On a phone call, Ranbir and Akshay converse. Kumkum

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20 March 2023 16:33 PM, ✍️ UPDATED: 3 months ago

20 March 2023 16:33 PM

Written Update for March 20, 2023, from Kumkum Bhagya Theme party On a phone call, Ranbir and Akshay converse.

Kumkum Bhagya Written Update

In order to commemorate the debut of his new firm and his cooperation with Ranbir, Akshay tells Ranbir that he has promised Ashok to host an incredible party. He explains that he needs to rapidly prepare for Ashok’s afternoon party since he wants one. He makes a request to Ranbir. Ranbir claims to have a brilliant idea. He explains that today is his birthday and that he would be throwing a party at his house. He admits to Akshay that he also desired to fulfill his pledge to throw him a party.

He continues by saying that the party Akshay was planning to have elsewhere may now take place in his house. He says they are welcome to spend his birthday with him and let the press know they are working together. The notion is acceptable to Akshay, who says as much. He promises to be there along with Prachi and Ashok. Ranbir is happy and eager to see Prachi. About the celebration of their union at Kohli’s home, Akshay tells Prachi. Prachi is undecided about going to the party. She apologizes for her job.

The day is important for Akshay since he is launching his own business and he must have her there. Prachi is persuaded to go by him. Ashok warns Akshay that if he waits to propose to Prachi, someone else will do it and Prachi won’t be around for much longer. Before someone else takes the opportunity, he tells Akshay to hurry. As the family’s bahu, he wants Akshay to bring her home. Akshay assures Ashok that he would soon share the wonderful news.

Rashmi Mohan

Mama ji has to learn a lesson from Radha that he will never forget. Kadambari becomes irritated with Radha and doesn’t believe her. Mama ji keeps bugging Radha with his nefarious intentions. He assures her that Radha can do no wrong and that his family adores him. She considers telling Mohan everything. Radha is asked to sit while Bhushan holds her hand. He requests that she give him the meal. When she tries to flee, he aggressively grips her hand and doesn’t let go. Radha strikes him indignantly. This surprises Mohan, Damini, and Kadambari. Mohan questions Radha about her slapping of Mother Ji.

Kadambari queries the cause of the inappropriate conduct. Radha claims that she hit Mama ji because he had misbehaved with her. She continues by saying that while Mama Ji’s hand had burned in the kitchen, she had done it to punish him for improperly touching her. This revelation shocks Mohan. When Radha claims that Mama ji is incorrect, Mohan sticks by her and corrects her. Mother Ji’s real visage is revealed by Radha.

Written Update for March 20, 2023, from Kumkum Bhagya Party gimmick:
Ranbir struggles to decide what to wear to the birthday celebration. He claims that while Pallavi has arranged a party, he doesn’t want to celebrate his birthday. His manager calls him. He is instructed by the management to reserve a lounge in order to host the partnership celebration. Ranbir is made aware of it. He wants him to revoke the reservation. He informs Akshay over the phone that the hotel party has been postponed. Did he cancel the partnership, Akshay queries? Ranbir informs that the collaboration has begun.

He says that his mother hosted a party at his house because it is his birthday. He requests that Akshay combine the birthday celebration and the partnership party in one location. He promises to invite businesses to a party at his house. It seems like a great concept to Akshay. He informs Prachi about the gathering at Kohli’s residence. Pallavi approaches Ranbir and inquires as to his lack of readiness. He states that he is attempting to understand it. She chooses a suit for him and assures him that he will look fantastic in it. She requests that he get ready promptly. He tells her to unwind. She admits she didn’t make a call to the florist.

He claims to know a florist. He views it as a fantastic chance for Laali. He summons Laali and instructs them to decorate the flowers. He says that Laali and Khushi can bring flowers to his house for his birthday. She points out that the previous day, he had assaulted her lover. He promises to pay her 25000 rupees in exchange for the flowers. She exhibits greed. She promises to keep personal concerns and her business apart. She consents to visit his home. He recalls Prachi’s remarks. He claims that Prachi is intelligent and that she has inspired him. He claims that if he offers Laali a job and money, Laali would be content and will allow him to see Khushi.

He asks Khushi to join him in celebrating his birthday. Ashok is informed by Akshay of the party at Ranbir’s residence. He reveals that it is both Ranbir’s birthday celebration and their joint business party. He is asked by Ashok to bring his Bahu home. Akshay informs Prachi that she rejected his proposal. He is urged to try again by Ashok. Akshay expresses his desire to avoid being insulted so quickly. Ashok claims that Prachi is kind and that if Akshay waits too long to propose, someone else could be able to capture her heart. He talks about how his closest buddy fell in love with the same lady as he did.

As he realized that everything in love and war is fair, he decided against betraying his friend and instead sent him on a job abroad while proposing to the lady. How was that possible, Akshay wonders. Ashok claims to have wed his beloved. He begs Akshay to protect Prachi from other suitors. In the evening, Akshay swears to provide some good news. He is asked by Ashok to triumph in the war of love. He claims that his pal found out about his transfer and the two parted ways. He doesn’t lament parting ways with a buddy since he has found love. He’s smart, according to Akshay. He longs for his mother.

Concerned about Prachi, Sahana. Prachi is in mourning, according to Dadi, since she is battling memories. She says that Prachi is depressed because it’s Ranbir’s birthday. Sahana is aware of Prachi’s peculiar actions. When the past becomes a part of living, according to Dadi, it ceases to be the past. She argues that although people move on, the past remains where it is and continues to confront them despite their efforts to ignore it. She reveals that Prachi is experiencing the same thing. Prachi was reportedly terrified to visit Delhi, according to Sahana. She believes that Khushi is the one person who can make Prachi happy.

She informs them that Prachi is in pain and asks them to buy her some time rather than offering to assist. Prachi is aware of her relationship with Ranbir in the past. She thinks back to Ranbir’s birthday party. They have a passionate moment. He requests her commitment to always observe his birthday in the same manner. She pledges. She urges him to affirm his commitment to her love in the future. He pledges to love her forever. Together, they slice the cake and enjoy the occasion. She requests that he swear to give her the cake first when he slices his birthday cake.

He consents and requests that she always stand at his side as he slices the cake. She concurs. Prachi beams as she thinks of the pleasant recollections. Because to her, Dadi notices Prachi’s grin fading. Prachi claims that she was simply daydreaming. Dadi informs Akshay of his arrival. Prachi queries why he arrived. Dadi claims that she didn’t inquire as to his motivation. Prachi visits Akshay to inquire. Why didn’t she prepare for the celebration, wonders Akshay. He explains that they must go together to the partnership celebration since he just signed a significant contract. Prachi states that she hasn’t made a solid commitment to attend. He now requests her to affirm it. She must prepare herself and come, he says. He requests that she consider him for a moment.

Talking to Akshay is Dadi and Sahana. Dadi is clever, says Akshay. Prachi seems uninterested in the party. He claims he used acting to persuade Prachi. Prachi doesn’t like liars, so Sahana begs him not to lie again. They are asked not to frighten him. Prachi dressed and ready to go to Ranbir’s birthday celebration. When he sees her, Akshay is enthralled. Prachi queries him as to why he is gazing. They are asked to depart by Dadi so they won’t be late for the celebration. He’s crazy, says Prachi. They depart towards the gathering. Dadi and Sahana are aware of Akshay’s love and adoration for Prachi, and they hope that she finds happiness in her life.

Pallavi and Dida organize the perfect celebration. Dida is asked by Aryan to contact her sister. Pallavi requests that Aryan honor Dida. Dida informs her sister that Ranbir is getting dressed and has returned from the office. She invites her sister to the celebration. She is coming to surprise Ranbir, according to her sister. Ranbir approaches them. He queries them as to why they are acting abnormally. He announces his intention to invite his buddies. Pallavi enquires about his pals. He reveals that since they are also having a party at their house, he wanted to combine the two parties as he needed to throw one to commemorate the partnership with Akshay. They commend Ranbir on his undertaking. Ranbir yearns for Prachi.

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